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September 10 to 16, 2018

Where are we now?

Monday September 10, 2018

A quiet morning!
Manon has left to work at around 9 am, Patrice left at 10 am.  Manon could not get more time off from work, we understand.  Patrice was expecting us tomorrow, so he has a one more trip to do before he is off.

Michele is busy doing laundry and I work on the next update for the blog.

Last spring we ordered two items from Air Miles.  We ordered a Dyson fan hot&cold and a PowerVac Pet from Hoover.  We tried to get it delivered to Moose Jaw at our son's place, but the address is not in Canada Post.  I went and talked to Canada Post at the locale post office and was told the address must be new!  Yes right!  Like 60 years new...  So, we got it delivered to Manon and Patrice's address.
Here is the Dyson fan.  We are very happy how it works.

This is the PowerVac Pet from Hoover.  It is a cordless vacuum, 18 volts.  So far, we are very happy with it.

I will give you an update in a few months on how they are holding up.

Tuesday September 11, 2018

I have many projects to do on the MH. I guess I do not always take the time to do them!
This is one of them.  A 12 volts plug for the GPS.  The original 12 volt plug is not located in the best place for the GPS.
I am installing another 12 volts plug for the GPS in a better location.

Hard at work wiring the new plug.

The new 12 volts plug location, to the left of the driver, under the dashboard.

This is what I wanted!

It was a simple project, but it took me over one hour and half to complete.  Sometime when things go wrong, they go really wrong...
The lack of access was the biggest problem.
I am very happy with the result.

Wednesday September 12, 2018

I am on a roll!

This time I am replacing/adding foam to our two kitchen chairs.  I am talking about the two regular chairs, not the folding ones we have been using.
This is one of the chair I will be upgrading.

This is the original bottom of the chair.  We would "fall" to the bottom when we sat on it.

We never did this before.  We are kind of doing it without knowing what we are doing!

OK, now we have access to the side...

After talking with the "observers", we came to the conclusion all we needed to do was add a piece of plywood and some more foam on top.
For those who know me, I am not the best at woodworking.  I am using a piece of cardboard as a template and use it to cut the plywood.  It should eliminate most of the problems.

Cutting!  (I hope this is right!)

I still had to make adjustments...

Next step, the foam!

I made a small mistake when measuring the foam, but I had enough to fix it.

Michele is very happy with the results, me too!
The finale touch.

One of the supervisor.

I know it is the same photo, but it does make a difference when sitting down at the table.

I did not work very fast as we were talking while I was working.

Patrice and I biked 6 km today.

Thursday September 13, 2018

The weather forecast is calling for hot and humid with little wind.  I think we will be boating today.
Patrice and I went for another bike ride this morning and did another 6 km.
When we got back home, Michele and Patrice's dad was there.  Jean-Guy is 81 years old.
He sure loves talking and repeating the stories.  He was home from 11 am to 1 pm.
I don't think we will be boating today...

After Jean-Guy was gone, I did the oil change on the MH's generator.

Hummm, something is not right!  The oil filter I bought in Moose Jaw is not the right one, darn!

I made a few calls and found one in Berthierville.  I go and get it.

Flick is a very good dog.

With the generator's oil change completed, I start on the oil change for the car.

With the car done, I jump on the oil change for the MH.

Michele is not crazy about dogs.  Flick seems to love her...  He stays with her all afternoon.

We did not go boating, but I did three oil changes, not bad!

We are getting ready for a good day tomorrow.

Friday September 14, 2018

Today we will be visiting motorhomes in Saint-Tite where the Western Festival is taking place.

Arriving in Saint-Tite.  This is the first time we come to the western festival.

We arrive at 10:30 am and we still have to park about 500 meters from the entrance.

The village of Saint-Tite is in a small valley.  All you can see are RVs.  More than 450,000 visitors come every year to this Western Festival.

Here is what it says, "Attention, drunk crossing".

We are here for two reasons, the first is to look at MH with Patrice and the second is to buy a bucket of steaks.  I will get back to the steak in a minute.
We are getting closer to the RV Dealers.

For the Rest Of Canada (ROC), here in Quebec you can drink beer or wine while walking on the street and nobody is drunk yet!
Granted, not all streets, but the streets where the festival is taking place.

I forgot to take photos of our meal.
Michele had spaghetti, Patrice had spaghetti with smoke meat and a smoke meat poutine for me.
We come out of there with a full belly.
Next stop, Marché Veillette.

This is the famous bucket of steaks for $99.00.  It weights about 4 kilos.

It was not easy to walk back to the car with two buckets of 4 kilos.
There were many places where you could sample food along the way.

When we got back home, guess what we are having for supper?
Steak, potatoes and carrots...

The buckets has about 22 steaks like the one showing.  They are big.

The steaks are very good, we are happy with our purchase.

Saturday September 15, 2018

Another hot and humid day.
Flick even went in the pool by himself because it was so hot.

Francis and Catherine came for a visit before lunch.  After lunch, we played a few games of washer.
Manon, the pro!  Francis is a very good player too!

Me?  Not that good!

Catherine is putting some pressure on her dad.

Later on, Christine and Rock came to join us for some more games.

Michele is playing very good too.

Many of us have noticed Patrice's leg moving up when he tosses he washer.

It is hot, so no cooking, we order pizza...

The crew!  The only one missing are Francis and Valerie.

We had a very afternoon, lots of fun and laughter.  Patrice, Manon, myself and Michele played crib during the evening.

Sunday September 16, 2018

Another hot day coming our way.
I start on some backlog maintenance on the MH.
First is cleaning the K&N air filter.  It is not dirty at all, so I just had a layer of new oil to it.

Next is the batteries of the MH.  I check the water level and add water as needed.  They all needed water.

I have too many dumping hoses.  Patrice takes one and I place the other two in Patrice's garage.

Manon made us some fancy drinks.

Next on the maintenance list, clean the air filter on both air conditioning units.  I also clean the two vents filters.

Michele is back from shopping.  She shows us her new sandals which cost a big $3.

I also get the used engine oil in container so we can take them to the recycling center.
While we were in Saint-Tite, in one of the used MH we saw the remote for the radio velcro next to the radio, what a great idea.
It is done!

It was a busy day catching up on small maintenance that I was putting off for no good reason.

Maybe tomorrow we will be going on the water?

Until next time.

Life is good...

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